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I'm trying to create a field which contains a rectangle. While being draggable, the rectangle shall not pass the border of the field. Is there an element i can use as a border which has exactly that function?

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There is no element that will manage the bounds-checking for you, but the best option for the container element would be a Canvas. This element uses absolute positioning (e.g. Canvas.Left, Canvas.Top) rather than relative positioning (using Margin, HorizontalAlignment and VerticalAlignment). This make dragging and dropping (used to re-position the child elements) much more straightforward.

You would need to manually insure the Rectangle doesn't pass over the edge of the parent Canvas, but that is easy. It would look something like:

private void DoMoveX(double left, double xOffset)
    if (left + xOffset < 0)
      Canvas.SetLeft(this, 0);
    else if (left + xOffset > ParentCanvas.ActualWidth - this.ActualWidth)
      Canvas.SetLeft(this, ParentCanvas.ActualWidth - this.ActualWidth);
      Canvas.SetLeft(this, GetSnapValue(left + xOffset));

Where xOffset can be calculated from the MouseEventArgs of the MouseMove event and the original position of the Rectangle. In the excerpt above, this is the child element (which has a reference to the ParentCanvas), however you could easily invert it so the Canvas or a Window or something is managing the movement.

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