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i wanna write a code in matlab which will accept images from an implicitly given directory and apply Sobel edge detection algorithm on each image on-the-go. Please Help

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Sobel edge detection in MATLAB only works on grayscale images so you would need to convert any images into a grayscale representation. If you have a folder on desktop where all the images reside, then the following snippet of code can do what you wanted.

dirname = '~/Desktop/imgs/';
files = dir([dirname, '*.png']);
files = {files.name}';
for ifile = 1:numel(files)
    imfile = [dirname, files{ifile}];
    im = imread(imfile);               % Read the image file
    img = rgb2gray(im);                % Convert to grayscale
    ime = edge(img, 'sobel');          % Edge detection

    outname = ['edge_', files{ifile}];
    imwrite(ime, outname);

Hope that helps.

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Thank u! It works.... Now i can modify ur code as per my requirement! :) – Fabianski Benjamin Jul 20 '13 at 17:33

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