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Goal i'm trying to achieve is to start AMQP protocol listening from Apache Camel's ActiveMQ broker.

I've did create maven module from org.apache.camel.archetypes:camel-archetype-activemq (Creates a new Camel project that configures and interacts with ActiveMQ.) archetype, did mvn camel:run and it succeeded. Then after i've did a change for amqp protocol:

<!-- This creates an embedded ActiveMQ Broker -->
<broker xmlns="http://activemq.apache.org/schema/core" useJmx="true" persistent="false">
    <transportConnector name="default" uri="tcp://localhost:61616" />
    <transportConnector name="amqp+nio" uri="amqp+nio://localhost:5672"/>

Now when i start camel i get following exception:

Listening for connections at: tcp://localhost:61616
Connector default Started
ERROR Failed to start Apache ActiveMQ. Reason: java.io.IOException: 
   Transport Connector could not be registered in JMX: 
       Transport scheme NOT recognized: [amqp+nio]
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That archetype sets up a base set of ActiveMQ dependencies to kick start a minimal broker. You also need to include


to expose AMQP transport connectors.

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