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When I load and play a ogg file I hear sound no problem. When I change no code and specify a file that ends with mp3 I get an SdlException "Unrecognized sound file type". The autocomplete text says it supports wave, mp3, ogg and others but it appears it isn't supporting mp3. I tried more then one mp3 file.

How do I load mp3s? Here is my quick test code in a winform app

Video.SetVideoMode(320, 240, 32, false, false, false, true);
//var s = new Sound(@"a.ogg");
var s = new Sound(@"a.mp3");
Task.Run(() =>
    var c = s.Play();
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In the official documentation says:

"SDL.NET does not support MP3 format because the underlying C library, SDL_mixer, does not officially support it"


SDL Mixer (if you like implement)

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