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Here's the common HTML structure of parent page (index.html):

<title>test title</title>
    <frameset cols="150,*">
        <frame name="left" src="testleft.html">
        <frame name="right" src="testright.html">

Here's the common HTML structure of child page (testleft.html):

            function proc1(frm) {
                alert("called proc1");
                frm.setAttribute("id", "change!!");
        <p>This is testpage.</p>
        <form name="TestFormName" action="get" id="TestFormId">
            <input type="text" value="TextValueEmpty" />

I want to call proc1() on testleft.html using C#. I tried to use WebBrowser.Document.InvokeScript(), but it can't call proc1(). How do I do that?

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What are you trying to do exactly ? –  dreamweiver Jul 13 '13 at 15:24

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WebBrowser.Document.InvokeScript() can only be used to call JScript functions, but since your function is deeper we have to create a small "function" to access your function. The WebBrowser control doesn't have any way of doing that, so we have to use a "hack":

We will navigate to javascript:code in order to execute our code. In order to reach our function proc1, we have to use this small snippet: top.frames[0].proc1().

So, to put it all together, we have to write one simple line of C# code:

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