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I am trying to evaluate the following expression:


It is for expression (in latex):

$\left(\frac{-a_3 (4\beta_{11}\beta_{22}-\beta_{12}\beta_{21} ) +\beta_{32}(2\beta_{11}a_2+\beta_{12}\beta_{21})}
      {2\beta_{33} (4\beta_{11}\beta_{22}-\beta_{12}\beta_{21} ) -\beta_{32}(2\beta_{11}\beta_{23} - \beta_{12}\beta_{21})}\right)$

Matlab keeps complaining that:

Error: ()-indexing must appear last in an index expression.

I want to check if I have the simplification right and would need such expression to be evaluated.

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Use some temporary variables, don't try to do all of that in one line. –  Ben Voigt Jul 13 '13 at 16:09

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You have to add an asterisk after b(3,2). Currently the term that starts with b(3,2) is like this:


You should change it to


The problem is that Matlab interprets that as indexing b(3,2) which is already an indexed expression.

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It looks like your matrix b is two-dimensional, but your expression contains b(2,l,1) which has three subscripts.

The original formula didn't have any l in it.

enter image description here

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Hi Ben, this is a valid point, but even correcting the typo, the same error message keeps pumping up: I used "(-a(3)*(4*b(1,1)*b(2,2)-b(1,2)*b(2,1))+b(3,2)*(2*b(1,1)*a(2)+b(1,2)*b(2,1)))/(2‌​*b(3,3)*(4*b(1,1)*b(2,2)-b(1,2)*b(2,1))-b(3,2)(2*b(1,1)*b(2,3)-b(1,2)*b(2,1)))" –  llinfeng Jul 13 '13 at 17:07
@llinfeng: Break that into smaller parts –  Ben Voigt Jul 13 '13 at 17:26

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