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I am trying to write in two different places (the main program and a subroutine) unformatted files in my fortran's code. The problem is that when I do it, the results change and I suspect that it is because the memory assignment is overwriting the data that I am using to make the simulation in my CFD code. I ask: Is it possible that one can just use the unformatted file (to write) once in the code? I mean, I have to use the same file to save all my data and not with different files. I copy and past the two parts of the code to show what i am want to describe:

In the main program, the loop is:

     call numcar (isave,suffix)
     longueur=index(nchamp,' ')-1
     longueur=index(nfichier,' ')-1
     write(10) real(uxn,4),real(uyn,4),real(wzn,4),real(ppo,4)

! ***********************

and in the subroutine, the loop is:

     call numcar (isavediv,suffix1)
     longueur1=index(ndiv,' ')-1
     longueur1=index(nfichier1,' ')-1
     write(20) real(ppm,4)

! ***********************

All the variables all declared as IMPLICIT NONE in both main program and subroutine.

I will appreciate if at least you can answer my first questions.

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Consider the location at which a write statement operates inside a file opened with defaults for so many of the optional arguments to the open statement. – High Performance Mark Jul 13 '13 at 18:37
First: what results change? The values in the file, the values of your variables during run-time? Second: the variables appear to be different at the two different calls, so if you eliminate one call you need to add the variables from that to the other. – Kyle Kanos Jul 13 '13 at 19:47
First: The values of my variables during the run-time change. Second: The variables are different. As you said, I could add the variables from that to the other, but i would like to make the calls in each subroutine. The fact is that: When i do not use the second call, the results of my simulation work good, but when i want to save data with the unformatted statement in the second call, the results of my simulation change. My simulation becomes unstable and i don't understand why are they changing (the run-time data of the simulation) if i am just saving data in files. – flaviusaetius Jul 14 '13 at 2:58

I solved my problem. The problem was that I was using the channel number 20 and a colleague of mine told me that this channel is used by the computer or some devices to process data. I changed it for channel number 10 and it worked good again. Thank you for your comments. Now it looks so:

     write(10) real(ppm,4)
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