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At first, I use Struts 2 to develop a website in Java web technology. So I installed Apache Tomcat as the localhost server and MYSQL as the database (MYSQL here is the full application from mysql.com, not the packages like XAMPP or WAMP...)

But now I switch to learn a little bit about PHP so I install WAMP full package. When I start all services of WAMP and go to browser and type localhost, everything work fine

But when I go to localhost/phpmyadmin, it seems to connect to the old MYSQL application in my computer (what I've used in Java web). And then I restart computer and use MYSQL Workbench (in the MYSQL application), but now it connects to the database of WAMP package, and I can not connect to the old database (in Java web) anymore

The solution is remove WAMP but I need WAMP for PHP

So I just want to ask how can I use MYSQL application and WAMP package together (MYSQL application for Java web and WAMP package for PHP)?

Thank you and apology for my bad English!

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Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.1 and open my (Configuration file) and then navigate to



Change this to



This will make phpmyadmin to run on 3306 and Java-Mysql to run on 3307

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