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How do I change the color of the edges in a graph in networkx based on the weights of those edges?

The following code just gives all black edges,even though the colormap is jet! (picture)

 nx.draw_networkx(g,pos=pos,with_labels=True,edge_colors=[g[a][b]['weight'] for a,b in g.edges()], width=4,edge_cmap =

Scaling the edge weights to be between 0 and 1 doesn't change anything.

I'm not sure how the above code differs from that in a related question except that I don't use a loop for draw_networkx because I'm not animating the graph.

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    #!/usr/bin/env python
    Draw a graph with matplotlib.
    You must have matplotlib for this to work.
        import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
        import matplotlib.colors as colors
        import as cmx
        import numpy as np

   import networkx as nx

  #Number of edges is 7
   values = range(7)
  # These values could be seen as dummy edge weights

   jet = cm = plt.get_cmap('jet') 
   cNorm  = colors.Normalize(vmin=0, vmax=values[-1])
   scalarMap = cmx.ScalarMappable(norm=cNorm, cmap=jet)
   colorList = []

   for i in range(7):
      colorVal = scalarMap.to_rgba(values[i])

   plt.savefig("simple_path.png") # save as png # display

Just modified an example code from networkx that plots a simple graph.

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