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Can somebody point me at a good tutorial for py2exe? I've read over the official tutorial but it is rather light on details, compared to all the options one can use when building an executable out of a python script. For the record, my python script uses Python 2.5.2, wxPython/wxWidgets 2.8 and MySQLdb 1.2.2; so if you have specific tips for py2exe with those packages that would be much appreciated (and yes, I've seen the Py2EXE and wxPython page).

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Regarding "Py2EXE and wxPython", the page mentions the import statement "from wxPython.wx import *". This is the old wxPython (several years old, I think). In my app, I just do "import wx", and I don't have any major troubles.

I have one tip for wxPython and py2exe: you need a manifest if you want your app to look any good on Windows XP. This email has details:

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I'm going to release py2exe GUI so that you can easy compile your apps without writing setup scripts. More info here

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Fix the hyperlink to the sourceforge project – Anthony Cramp Oct 7 '08 at 20:31
Sounds like a good project, I'll keep an eye out for a usable release. – Manzabar Oct 8 '08 at 16:31

Don't know about a better tutorial, but there is some information to be found at the news list.

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Since this question was asked, I've updated the official py2exe tutorial to include substantially more information about bundling the Microsoft C runtime DLL.

If anyone reading this question knows about things which they think are missing from the official tutorial, can I encourage them to add that knowledge to the official tutorial, which is a wiki.

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