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I am just wondering if I can setup bandwidth/download speed for different file types. Such as having 300kb/s for flv, mp4 video files, unlimited for image files, 500kb/s for pdf files etc?


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You should be able to use traffic shaping to do this for example...

$HTTP["host"] == "example.com" {
    $HTTP["url"] =~ "(.*)\.flv$" {
        server.kbytes-per-second = 300
    $HTTP["url"] =~ "(.*)\.mp4$" {
        server.kbytes-per-second = 300
    $HTTP["url"] =~ "(.*)\.pdf$" {
        server.kbytes-per-second = 500
    server.document-root = "/var/www/example.com/wwwroot"

Documented here http://redmine.lighttpd.net/projects/1/wiki/docs_trafficshaping

That said unless your under bandwidth restriction, this is seldom a good idea from a users point of view.

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