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My CL program:

constant double LATTICEWEIGHTS[19] = { 1.0 / 36.0,


                                      1.0 / 36.0 };

  double  density,
  double3 velocity,
  double* feq) {
  for (int i = 0; i < 19; ++i) {
    feq[i] = LATTICEWEIGHTS[i];         // Line 1
    //feq[i] = 2.0 * LATTICEWEIGHTS[i]; // Line 2

__kernel void


  double  density;
  double3 velocity;
  double  feq[19];

  computeFeq(density, velocity, feq);

This code works. But if I comment Line 1 and uncomment Line2, the CL_OUT_OF_RESOURCES will occur immediately.

Any ideas?

I test it with NVIDIA GTX 670M.

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This does seem wrong, but some things to check first: register usage. Nvidia GPUs support a verbose output option. Pass that to clBuildProgram and then check the build log. Something like this:

clBuildProgram(program, 1, &device_id, "-cl-nv-verbose", NULL, NULL);

This is documented under the cl_nv_compiler_options extension. Lookup the maximum number of registers for your device in the CUDA documents. What could be happening is that the total number of registers required by a block of work items is more than is available in a single SM/SMX, resulting in the error.

If register usage is not the problem, then it could be an out of bounds memory access somewhere. I no that the error message does not suggest this, but I have experienced such errors before. Such an error could be anywhere and is much harder to find.

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