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Hello guys I am new to chef and started learning from here please help me I m stuck into the error while uploading the cookbook into hosted-chef

While running this command in Git bash

$ knife cookbook upload -a

I am getting this error, I have paste the one line inside the cookbook aliases that depends magic_shell and its saying that its not available at hosted chef please help me to get out of this error.

Uploading aliases      [0.1.0]
ERROR: Cookbook aliases depends on cookbook 'magic_shell' version '>= 0.0.0',
ERROR: which is not currently being uploaded and cannot be found on the server.
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I will find the answer of my question by browsing on net it is like that I have downloaded all the cookbooks from opscode.com but I did is that upload the cookbook aliases created by me and I entered the line into its metadat.rb file is that it depends on magic_shell cookbook so,I have to upload first magic_shell cookbook then try to upload aliases

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It seems your dependency check failed. Before uploading the chef cookbook, cookbooks are compiled. While compiling chef will check for all dependencies. You can check these dependencies in metadata.rb file.

Can you able to find depends "aliases" in metadata.rb file of magic_shell cookbook.

It means magic_shell depends on aliases cookbook. To resolve this try this command

knife cookbook site download aliases

Execute above command for each dependencies. Now try

knife cookbook upload -a
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Rajesh's answer correct identifies root cause.

What I would additionally suggest is investigate the use of one of the following tools:

What they do is manage cookbook dependencies for you, automatically downloading missing cookbooks and saving lots of time.

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