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my server application is on java and my client is on delphi, so i need to send an serialized object from java to my client and put the received data in a record like this:

in java

 class Login implements Serializable
    public String userName;
    public String password;
    public int version;

in delphi

    login = record
     username : string;
     password : string;
     version  : integer;

The problem is i dont know how java serialize an object so i can put the values on my record.

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To serialize between languages, you have to find a form of serialization which works in Java and Delphi. If you can't find one, you can write your own. Serializable is only usable in a JVM language. – Peter Lawrey Jul 13 '13 at 21:19

Serialization is only useful when you have a JVM doing both the serialization and deserialization.

In most other cases you would be better of with a transport format designed for this. I would suggest looking into a simple XML format for this, or JSON.

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Maybe you can send the object in JSON format using gson library and then parse it in delphi side.

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Check the serializable information for java. your best option here might be to implement a custom your on inpl of the serialization. and as suggested by Thorbjorn use something like JSON as the output format.

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