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I had forked a repository few months ago. I made some modifications on development branch and made a pull request, which was merged later to repo from which it was forked.

Now I want to make some more modifications, but the repository from which I had forked has many updates.

I need those updates in the forked repo in my GitHub account. I tried doing all the below steps:

$ git clone git@github.com:rupali/jira-plugin.git

$ cd jira-plugin && \
git remote add jira-upstream git@github.com:jenkinsci/jira-plugin.git

$ git fetch jira-upstream

$ git merge jira-upstream/master

But still I cannot see any changes in the forked repository in my account. It still shows the same commit which was present few months before.

No clue where I am making mistake. Any idea what is wrong here?

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Assuming you merged jira-upstream/master to your local master branch, if you want to see those changes reflected in your remote origin repo on GitHub, then you need to push the updates there like this:

$ git push origin master

This assumes that you have git@github.com:rupali/jira-plugin.git set up as the origin remote, which it should be based on your clone command in your question.

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Thanks I got the recent changes from the repository forked to my repository :) –  Rupaleee Jul 14 '13 at 16:14

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