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An activity can have multiple types of participants ( parents, children, or a complete family ).

My tables are: Activity, Parents, Children, families and Activity_items to make the join. Routes : activity_items are nested under activities.

Activity_items have an activity_id field to link a participant to an activity. They also have activity_itemable_id and type to link a parent a child or a family ( here is the polymorphism )

The goal is to make list of participants of an activity at a specific day. In the view#show of an activity you can see the details an you can add a participant ( create an item ).

Where i'm pretty sure that my code isn't proper :

Create action in the activity_items controller :

  def create
   @activity = Activity.find(params[:activity_id])
   @activity_item = params[:itemable_id], activity_itemable_type: params[:itemable_type])

And the link_to in the view to create this item ( add a participant )

<% @parents.each do |p| %>
     <%= link_to "#{p.firstname} #{p.lastname}", activity_activity_items_path(@activity, itemable_id:, itemable_type:, method: :post %>
<% end %>

That's the only way i found by myself to create a good activity_items with the needed params.

The basic (params[:activity_item]) was not working so i decided to get the params like above.

I was watching the railscasts about polymorphic association and i was wondering how i can improve my old code.

Any documentation about this question is welcome, i didn't find something for my needs.

Thanks !

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I was able to refactor the controller and the view a little bit but i'm not sure if it's a "good" code:

the controller :

def create
  @activity = Activity.find(params[:activity_id])
  @activity_item =[:activity_item]) 

And the view:

<% @parents.each do |p| %>
        <%= link_to "#{p.prenom} #{p.nom}",
                              } ),
            method: :post %>
<% end %>

The params are now clearer and the controller is more "generic".

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