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I'm looking into Productivity tools for developing in C# / Visual Studio 2008 (pr0) and developing web apps (not using MVC).

Anything from favourite visual studio shortcuts to external tools and plug-ins.

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Dupe:… – Kev Nov 19 '09 at 14:08
Another:… – Kev Nov 19 '09 at 14:10
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A very interesting one that was just announced is Telerik's JustCode. It's basically a new refactoring tool (such as Resharper and CodeRush, also very good productivity improvement tools), but also handles Javascript in web projects.

Tools like these can dramatically improve the amount you can get done in a short amount of time.

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Ctrl+. is one of my favorites. It adds a Using statement for the current class if you don't already have it.

For example if you have this:


And you hit Ctrl+.. Visual Studio will add

using System.Text.RegularExpressions;

to the top of your file.

I also like Code Rush and Refactor Pro from DevExpress.

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ANTS Profiler from Red Gate helped our company find a lot of bottlenecks in our C# code.

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Reflector from Red Gate
PowerCommands visual studio add-in
any form of Grep

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We've just started using GhostDoc which is pretty useful for quickly generating outlines of comments especially when you're generating your documentation from your XML comments. It's definitely saved me some time.

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its not a tool but a big reference chart - you can print it out and hang it on at your work area, to refer quick key bindings

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