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I'm trying to initialize this class from the JaCop constraint programming library from jRuby. I am using the correct type of arguments, but for some reason I keep getting this error message:

  NameError: no constructor for arguments
    on Java::JaCoPConstraintsKnapsack::Knapsack
    (root) at rb/knapsack.rb:24

The code that it points to is this:

k = Jacop::Knapsack.new(@values, @weights, quantity, knapsackCapacity, knapsackProfit)

The signature of the Java class constructor is this:

public Knapsack(int[] profits,
                int[] weights,
                IntVar[] quantity,
                IntVar knapsackCapacity,
                IntVar knapsackProfit)

I don't understand why jRuby complains that constructor is not found because it should be able to find this.

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JRuby can not always guess "complicated" method args for you, you might want to try :

Jacop::Knapsack.new(@values, @weights, quantity.to_java(JaCoP.core.IntVar), knapsackCapacity, knapsackProfit)

or even helping with the int[] cast (should not be necessary) :

Jacop::Knapsack.new(@values.to_java(:int), @weights.to_java(:int), quantity.to_java(JaCoP.core.IntVar), knapsackCapacity, knapsackProfit)

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You were absolutely right. I had to cast the ints as well to make it work. –  picardo Jul 15 '13 at 17:04

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