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I'm trying read a spreadsheet on appengine:

List<String> scopes = Arrays.asList("");
AppIdentityService appIdentity = AppIdentityServiceFactory.getAppIdentityService();
AppIdentityService.GetAccessTokenResult accessToken = appIdentity.getAccessToken(scopes);

Credential creds = new Credential(BearerToken.authorizationHeaderAccessMethod());

SpreadsheetService ss = new SpreadsheetService("DBM4G-demo");

The problem I'm having is setOAuth2Credentials is not a class(at least eclipse says it is not and I can't compile). I have included gdata-spreadsheets-3.0.jar in my project. Any ideas??

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OAuth issues The google DrEdit tutorial is a good way to sort out OAuth issues for Google drive/Spreadsheet etc. It is the best OAuth tutorial I have been able to find.

Spreadsheet Connection code :

SpreadsheetService spreadsheetService = null;
spreadsheetService = new SpreadsheetService("");
spreadsheetService.setHeader("Authorization", "Bearer " + accessToken);

(I added the setConnectTimeout(0) to for development, but suspect I no longer need it. )

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