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How to get a python help in vim? just like vim to type :h to get it. I'm just a newer in python, but I need Python's manual page just easy as vim.

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@FDinoff Better to forget about wiki, quality of advices here is so poor. This one contained a bunch of map while they should be using nnoremap. It also contained snippets like execute "read !".shellescape(s:pydoc_path . " " . a:what) which cannot work because in this case it will try to launch command like "pydoc os.path" while should be launching "pydoc" "os.path". It is also using improper kind of escaping: shellescape() call for ! must contain , 1: non-zero second optional argument. This “quality” I see always on almost any advice. // Note: check versions before my edits. –  ZyX Jul 14 '13 at 7:37
There is also viewdoc BTW. –  ZyX Jul 14 '13 at 7:38

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If you're coding Python in vim, the python-mode plugin may prove useful:

For example, if you move with your cursor over some python function/module etc. and press K in normal mode, its documentation will be displayed in a new buffer.

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