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Is there a standard UIView/controller/dialog provided in iOS SDK for informing the user the app does not have access to X resource and this can be fixed from iOS privacy settings.

I have noticed a consistent view seen in many apps (snapshot below is taken from Viber). I could not find any API that would give me this dialog. I suppose I can just create one but still wanted to double check?

For the particular case I have I want to alert the user if app does not have access to user calendar/ reminders.

(I have a BOOL result in my code that tells me access granted true/false -I have to next alert the user with appropriate UI.)

enter image description here

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The public API's UIImagePickerController displays that view if the app doesn't have access to the user's photo library. It's a _UIAccessDeniedView, which is a private class.

As far as I know, the public API doesn't provide an event picker controller, so there's no way to make the system display a similar “standard” view for calendars/reminders in your app.

If you want to set up a similar view yourself, you can extract the lock image using the iOS Artwork Extractor; it's named “UIAccessDeniedViewLock.png”. Warning: copyright infringement. Will Apple care? I have no idea.

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thanks! It seem there is no such picker for iOS reminders - which would then be accompanied with a similar dialog/view. I guess i can just create my own :) –  dotnetcoder Jul 14 '13 at 6:32

This interface can appear for the calendar if you use EKEventEditViewController.

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