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I am redirecting to a page using


so after the redirect i want call a function , But when i called the function


I found that the callBack executed before the redirect,

so there any way to pass callBack to redirect ? according to the api its no. any other workaround ?

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According to the current implementation, there is no way to pass a callback into the redirect method. However, since the response object res inherits from Node's own ServerResponse, which in turn is a Writable stream, you can watch for the related events. For example, you might try the finish event:

Event: 'finish'

When end() is called and there are no more chunks to write, this event is emitted.

So, for example,

res.on('finish', callback);
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I was hoping (and I guess this is the spirit of the question) the callback would be executed after the following page finished handling the redirected call, but it's not like that: the event is triggered after a couple of milliseconds. Thinking about it, I reckon it's damn difficult to handle this case in a general way (the redirection could go to a completely different server). Still, I'd like to know an express-based solution in the case the redirection is made to a page on the same server app. – Muzietto Jan 3 at 17:08
@Muzietto What do you mean? Call the callback after the new URL has finished rendering? Loading? Yes, that will be more difficult, requiring application level code I'd say. All a redirect really is is a special header sent in the response, then the response is ended and flushed. – Michelle Tilley Jan 3 at 17:12

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