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All what I mean to do is to send the values a qt slider generates to a pipe. Following the documentation I created my class that inherits QObject and I wrote a setValue function / method. For debugging purposes I inserted wcout << value in the function. Activating the function through "connect" + SIGNAL + SLOT I am expecting to see the data on my console. I move the slider up and down and -- NOTHING -- ... My class name is "PipeAgent".

The header follows:

class PipeAgent : public QObject {


    int m_value;



    PipeAgent(const PipeAgent& orig);

    virtual ~PipeAgent();

    boolean wait4client();
    boolean send2pipe(const wchar_t *data);
    boolean send2pipe(const int data);

    int value() const;

public slots:

    void setValue(int value);


    void valueChanged(int newValue);

    boolean check();
    WCHAR * errormessage();
    HANDLE pipe;


The setValue body follows:

void PipeAgent::setValue(int value) {
    wcout << "Before check value" << endl;
    if (value != m_value) {
    wcout << "Got new value" << endl;
    m_value = value;
    emit valueChanged(value);


and obviously:

connect(widget.sliderX, SIGNAL(valueChanged(int)),&pipeAgent, SLOT(setValue(int)));


What is wrong ? Thanks!

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