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Again Scala basic operations are making my life painful :D. So I have to read lines from file...just a trivial I/O operation.

In every example on internet they are doing:

import scala.io.Source

for(line <- Source.fromPath("integerArray.txt").getLines())

But my IntelliJ is throwing error : value fromPath is not a member of object scala.io.Source.

Does anyone knows what is problem here? ... I have installed last version of Scala few months ago and IntelliJ Scala plugin is also up to date so I doubt this might be a reason...

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There is no fromPath in Source, just a fromFile, which accepts a String path. Good luck on Coursera.

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omg. I have c/p first example and there was fromPath but now I see other examples had fromFile...maybe I should be little more patient with scala :D ... haha..thanks, right now I am spending more time on learning scala than algorithms (that happens when you want to do 2 things at the same time) ... – ivan_zd Jul 14 '13 at 10:24

There was Source.fromPath around 2.8. Briefly.

What, you're not using this version?

It was removed here, with "Review by community."

See? We just weren't paying attention.

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