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When I try to match an Any with a String, I don't get the correct output. My code looks like:

def typecast(cls: Any) {
    cls match {
        case s: String => println("string")
        case d: Double => println("double")
        case i: Int => println("int")
        case o: Option[_] => println("option")
        case _ => println("nothing")

If cls is of type Double or Int, the correct case is matched, but of type String or Option[_] the case _ is matched (println("nothing")).

Any ideas why this isn't working or what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance!

EDIT: it works fine, if I do e.g. typecast("foo") or typecast(Some("foo")), but in my case the cls value is received like:

val cls: Any = classOf[User].getDeclaredField("name")

where the field could be a String or Option[String]

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works like a charm for me, typecast("foo") prints "string", typecast(None) and typecast(Some("stuff")) print "option". – Didier Dupont Jul 14 '13 at 13:36
just recognized, that this just happens in my special case. I edited the question. thanks for the hint. – 3x14159265 Jul 14 '13 at 13:47
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Regarding your updating question : the code works as it should.

classOf[User].getDeclaredField does not return a String or whatever, it returns a java.lang.reflect.Field. Which is rightly dealt with by case _. You could get value of type java.lang.class, or java lang.reflect.Type by calling getType or getGenericType on that.

However, even then, your routine does not expect values of type Class, it expects plain values, of type String or Int or Double... "cls" does not sound like a good argument name there.

A routine expecting classes would look like

def typecast(cls: Class[_]) { // will work with cls: Any too
  if(cls == classOf[Int]) println("Int")
  else if(cls == classOf[String]) println("String")
  else if(cls == classOf[Option[_]]) println("Option")
  else println("Nothing")

Be careful too that a field may be declared of class Option, but there are no direct instances of class Option which is abstract, there are only instances of Some and the None object.

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thanks for your answer! for sure, I have to call getType(). it works when the function expects Class[_] – 3x14159265 Jul 14 '13 at 15:00

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