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How can I do Criteria Query in JPA2, which is equivalent to this JPQL with and without using metamodel?

SELECT p FROM Employee e JOIN e.phones p WHERE e=:empl
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CriteriaBuilder cb = em.getCriteriaBuilder();
CriteriaQuery<Phone> criteriaQuery = cb.createQuery(Phone.class);
Root<Employee> employee = criteriaQuery.from(Employee.class);
CollectionJoin<Employee, Phone> phone = employee.join(Employee_.phones);
criteriaQuery.where(cb.equal(employee, empl);
TypedQuery<Phone> query = em.createQuery(criteriaQuery);
List<Phone> phones = query.getResultList();

That said, I see no point in replacing a simple, obvious JPQL query with the horrendous, unreadable lines of code above. Criteria queries are useful to dynamically construct queries, but JPQL shines for static queries like the one you have.

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Thanks for your answer. It works. I agree, that it is no point replacing that simple JPQL. I have dynamical query, but just this part I didn't know how to do. –  srnjak Jul 14 '13 at 14:58
Ah. OK, then. Glad to have helped. –  JB Nizet Jul 14 '13 at 15:00

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