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I am using Flexslider on a portfolio site with multiple sliders with a short slideshowSpeed value (650ms). Each slideshow has play/pause on hover. I have discovered that the first slide transitions to the second slide on page load in IE8, however if I increase this value to 1100ms, the first slide loads normally.

Is it possible to define a different slideshowSpeed for IE8? Or is there another way to prevent the IE8 issue?

  controlNav: false,
  directionNav: false,
  slideshowSpeed: 1100, // 650ms causes IE8 to skip to 2nd slide on page load
  animationSpeed: 0,
  mousewheel: false,
  start: function(slider){

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I managed to work around this issue by using jQuery's $.support method to conditionally define a slower speed for IE8.

var speed = 650; // faster speed for good browsers

if (!$.support.leadingWhitespace) {
  // slower speed for IE8, otherwise it skips 1st slide on page load
  speed = 1150; 

  slideshowSpeed: speed,
  // all other options as per code in question above
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