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I was studying more about binary arithmetics and came across the problem -21/-3.The expected answer is 7. Of course I know we can do it by canceling the negative sign and dividing 21 by 3. I have seen the beauty of twos compliment in the subtraction of two numbers. So i started out like this: -21 is: 11101011 and -3 is:11111101 .Initially i tried out dividing but as numerator is greater than denominator division is not possible. Also it is clear that it is the equivalent of dividing 235 by 253. So my question is how can i divide two negative numbers using twos compliment method. Is this division allowed or isn't it possible to divide like this.

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The beauty of two's complement lies in the fact that you can easily convert between positive and negative numbers. I don't think there is an easy solution to be able to divide two negative numbers, other than converting both to a positive integer (which is nothing more than 11111111 XOR 11111101 and 11111111 XOR 11101011, then adding 1 to both). –  Sumurai8 Jul 14 '13 at 14:24

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