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In C++/CLI , you can use native types in a managed class by it is not allowed to hold a member of a native class in a managed class : you need to use pointers in that case.

Here is an example :

class NativeClass

public ref class ManagedClass
  NativeClass mNativeClass; // Not allowed !

  NativeClass * mNativeClass; // OK

  auto_ptr<NativeClass> mNativeClass; //Not allowed !
  boost::shared_ptr<NativeClass> mNativeClass; //Not allowed !


Does anyone know of an equivalent of shared_ptr in the C++/CLI world?

Edit: Thanks for your suggestion, "1800-Information". Following your suggestion, I checked about STL.Net but it is only available with Visual Studio 2008, and it provides containers + algorithms, but no smart pointers.

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I found the answer on codeproject :

Nishant Sivakumar posted an article about this at http://www.codeproject.com/KB/mcpp/CAutoNativePtr.aspx

On this page, also look for the comment by Denis N. Shevchenko : he provides a stl-like implementation that works quite well.

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STL.Net is documented here. I don't know what state it is in or what use it might be for you.

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I haven't thoroughly tested this but how about something like the following:

#pragma once

#include <memory>

template <class T>
public ref class m_shared_ptr sealed
    std::shared_ptr<T>* pPtr;

        : pPtr(nullptr) 

    m_shared_ptr(T* t) {
        pPtr = new std::shared_ptr<T>(t);

    m_shared_ptr(std::shared_ptr<T> t) {
        pPtr = new std::shared_ptr<T>(t);

    m_shared_ptr(const m_shared_ptr<T>% t) {
        pPtr = new std::shared_ptr<T>(*t.pPtr);

    !m_shared_ptr() {
        delete pPtr;

    ~m_shared_ptr() {
    delete pPtr;

    operator std::shared_ptr<T>() {
        return *pPtr;

    m_shared_ptr<T>% operator=(T* ptr) {
        pPtr = new std::shared_ptr<T>(ptr);
        return *this;

    T* operator->() {
        return (*pPtr).get();

This should let you use C++11/Boost's shared_ptrs interchangebly in ref classes.

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