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I have 4 drop-down lists / group of checkboxes in I need that after making a selection in any one list the options available in the other 3 lists change accordingly...either are not available for selection or are not present in the list itself.

I'm coding using PHP & MYSQL Could someone please help me with this. I'm new to PHP.

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PHP is a server-sided programming language. "After making a selection" indicates that the drop-down list is already at the client-side. There is no way that PHP can make a change on the client-side, without help from a client-sided programming language such as javascript. –  Sumurai8 Jul 14 '13 at 15:14

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This can not be done with just PHP and MySQL. You need to use Javascript or jQuery. jQuery is the easiest to learn.

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You can do it but very hard. You should use jQuery, it's easier than PHP.

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