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I'm in the beginning stages of a specialised sample-player project. I'm trying to decide what language and api/library to use. I'm happy to put the time in to learn any language, or API (I know a few different languages, already too), as long as I have confidence that it will do the job.

I want to be able to play two kinds of samples: environmental samples like wind blowing, and then specific notes from instruments, from midi. But the first part is more important.


OS: Linux. Cross platform would be nice but really isn't that important

Loading/Playing Samples Essential: I want to quickly load a bunch of samples into memory, and play them. I want a large amount of samples in memory at any one time, so perhaps streaming is important. (Or maybe with a computer with 2GB of RAM, this isn't going to be a problem as long as i keep the amount loaded below ~1.5GB?)

Looping Essential: I want to be able to loop samples until I want them to stop.

OSC Essential: I need some way to send OSC messages, because of other stuff this software is gonna be linked to (reacTIVision). I can do this with python, java, pretty much everything I've tried so far.

Effects Important: I'd like to be able to do things like: fade in & out easily. Really cool would be adding effects like reverb and stuff easily.

MIDI Important: An easy way to use midi would be a good thing, because then i can use files I've made in normal sequencers and that sort of thing easily.

Format Optional: It doesn't matter because its fairly easy to convert between formats. The only thing to consider is that mp3s take up less space in memory.

What I've tried so far

Java+JavaAPIs: I've had a look at the java libraries for playing sound. The impression I get is that they can do what I want, but they look kind of complicated regarding all the objects you have to create in order to do something simple, like even play a simple sound.

Python+Pygame: This works. The main limitation is that you can only stream one sample at a time. I think you have to manually time the loops, too. It can manage some effects, by the look of it, but

C: I like the idea of C, or C++, because I want COMPLETE CONTROL, but I haven't coded anything in C for ages, and back then i wasn't even that good at programming. I haven't actually checked out any libraries here. Maybe portaudio?

LinuxSampler+Python: I've tried writing a python program that interfaces with linuxsampler. That worked pretty well, except that you have to load the samples into a specific format (libgig) and there's no good specification for the libgig program to convert samples to the gig format. So I might have to end up doing it all by hand, using gigedit, which would take forever.

FluidSynth+Python: This one plays SF2 files. I have the same problem that I'm finding it difficult to convert samples to SF2 format. If I had an easy way to do that, this would be a good answer.

Python+PyAudio (portaudio wrapper): I remember this being complicated but I can't remember why. It doesn't Load the files but it does Play them? Something like that, so you've got to load them yourselves with a seperate library, but nobody has written a good one.

I'd really appreciate some help choosing because I would like a good solution where I don't run the risk of getting 40% through the project and realizing the choices I've made have severe limitations that are going to scupper my progress.

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