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In my rails project, I need the user to upload a file (input_file) which I will process using an external application. Once, it is completed, I want to attach the processed file to the same model as a different attachment (output file).

I have been able to create a form and use paperclip to allow the user to upload the input_file to my model FileProcessor. Im not sure on the next step as to how do I call an executable on the input_file and save it as output_file.

Based on paperclip, once the file is upload, I can access the path via input_file.path

output_file = %w{external_app input_file.path out_file_name}

Class FileProcessor
 has_attached_file :input_file
 has_attached_file :output_file

Im confused as to where this call to run the external app be placed? in the model or in the controller (def create). Also, how do I work with paperclip to associate the output_file with the model without actually uploading.

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The location for such code depends on what kind of business your external process does. With the requirements as depicted in the question, it would be as simple as this:

class FileProcessor < ActiveRecord
  after_validation do |fp|
    tmp_file = "/tmp/#{rand}"
    system "/usr/bin/awesome.sh #{fp.input_file.path} > #{tmp_file}"
    fp.output_file = File.open(tmp_file)

I hope, this is what you are looking for.

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Thanks. The example above gave me a good idea on how to go about implementing my final solution. I put the function in the model. –  hgill Jul 22 '13 at 16:49

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