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I am running a website and exporting my content via XML to many real estate portals, my problem is that when i search for my own properties titles in google, he displayes some of these portals before my results in SERP, with consistente loss of traffic, because once an user lands in their site, he will continue searching for properties in their site, and not mine.

I already have delayed the xml exportation, meaning that the last 10 properties published in my site are hidden from xml feeds I send to portals, in order for google to have time to index my content before their content, with the hope of google understand that this content is mine, but i had no luck. So now I thought that I could remove N number of words from the description of each property I send via xml feed, so Google will understand that the content in my page is more complete than the one i send them.

I have the following code in my xml

        $descCuted = substr($row->text,0,261);  
            if(strpos($row->text, ' ', 261) == 261)
            $desc = $descCuted;
            $cuteString = strrpos($descCuted, ' ', 1);  
            $desc = substr($descCuted,0,$cuteString);

$line .='   <DESCRIPTION><![CDATA['.$desc.'... Veja a descrição completa no site mysite.com - Codigo: '.$row->ref.']]></DESCRIPTION>' . $crlf;

but it is not ok because there are some descrpitons that are very short, so I cant just specify a number of allowed characters in a description starting from the beginning, i need to start from the end, in order to remove words even in short descrptions.. and in order not to cut words in the middle, i need to be able to specify the number of words to cut from the end of the description, I know this is a bit confusing, but I have been thinking a lot about it and i am sure this is the only thing I can try. Thanks for any help.

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wow, nobody here can help? please guys – ol30cean0 Jul 15 '13 at 14:45
i am impressed.. – ol30cean0 Jul 22 '13 at 16:04

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