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I have application managing the iPhone/iPad contacts, one of the functionalities is to delete a specific tag for multiple contacts.

All the tags work perfectly fine, after removing the tag data, it get reflected on the iCloud and other devices for the same iCloud/Apple ID.

However, teh Image of the contact doesn't get updated on the other devices.

I'm using ABPersonRemoveImageData to remove the image data for the contact.

Here the code sample:

if (ABPersonHasImageData(person)) {
ABPersonRemoveImageData(person, &error);
ABAddressBookSave(ab, NULL);
if (error != NULL) return false;

What is more wiered, that for the same contact, and in the same code, i remove the birthday date & the image data, the removal of the birthday date gets reflected on other devices, while the Image still exists !!

I would appreciate your urgent help, is it a bug on the iOS?

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I've seen this too. If I update more than just the Image, it does sync the removed image. My Guess, is YES, its another bug with iCloud.

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