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I need to build a Google Suggest style drop-down box, but unfortunately am unable to use jQuery or Prototype due to various licensing restrictions. Pretty much the only thing I can use is public-domain stuff that I can modify and am not required to attribute ownership of someone else to.

In any case, I can handle the AJAX stuff fine, and the server-side scripting. Where I'm stuck is how to make Javascript respond to keyboard events:

  • Select the next item in the list when the user hits the down arrow key
  • Select and fill the text box with the selected item when they hit [Enter]
  • Close the suggest box when they hit [Esc]
  • etc. etc. etc.

Thoughts? Examples?

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Why is it you can't use jQuery? –  roosteronacid Nov 19 '09 at 21:06

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Not exactly what you are looking for but might be of interest. A fancy Apple.com-style search suggestion using jQuery.

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You can use this code to attach/detach events (compatible with both IE and W3C event models, so should work in all browsers):

events = {

    addEvent: function(obj, e, handler) {
    	if (!obj._attachedEvents)
    		obj._attachedEvents = new Array();
    	if (obj._attachedEvents[e])
    		this.removeEvent(obj, e);
    	obj._attachedEvents[e] = handler;

    	if (obj.addEventListener) 
    		obj.addEventListener(e, handler, false);
    	else if (obj.attachEvent) 
    		obj.attachEvent('on' + e, handler);

    removeEvent: function(obj, e) {
    	if (!obj._attachedEvents || !obj._attachedEvents[e])

    	if (obj.removeEventListener) 
    		obj.removeEventListener(e, obj._attachedEvents[e], false);
    	else if (obj.detachEvent) 
    		obj.detachEvent('on' + e, obj._attachedEvents[e]);
    	obj._attachedEvents[e] = null;

    cancelEvent: function(e) {
    	e = e || window.event;

    	e.cancelBubble = true;
    	e.returnValue = false;
    	return false;

    getTarget: function(e) {
    	return e.srcElement || e.target;

and then in the handler you can see what key was pressed and do whatever action you want in response to that.

Hope it helped, Andrey

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Take a look at js-hotkeys. I've used this library in many projects. It works in all A-grade browsers which allows you to catch key-events, and the license is pretty liberal.

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