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For a small technical experiment, I today discovered Apache James as a possibly platform.

[update-1] Would qmail, exim or postfix be better choices? Are tutorials available, which describe these MTA APIs? [/update-1]

In general, the mailet should do this:

  • When sending an e-amil, map each <FORM:TO> tuple to a new unique TO-address F(<FORM:TO>) and replace FROM in the original e-amil by F(<FORM:TO>)
  • When receiving an e-mail, map the TO-address F(<FORM:TO>) back to the original TO address and save it to its maildrop
  • Wehn receiving an e-mail, where F(<FORM:TO>) can't be mapped, save it to a special maildrop

F(.,.) is a one-to-one function between source and target values.

Example: John@doe.com sends an email

  • John@doe.com sends an email to Allen@Never.com
  • Mailet does this
  • ... Rewrites FROM to 23746237826384@doe.com
  • ... Associates <John@doe.com,Allen@Never.com> with 23746237826384@doe.com
  • ... Persists this mapping permanently

Example: Allen@Never.com sends an Email to John

  • Allen@Never.com sends email to 23746237826384@doe.com
  • Mailet does this
  • ... Identifies 23746237826384@doe.com as valid TO address for FROM address Allen@Never.com
  • ... Delivers to John@doe.com

Example: OtherUser@Allways.com sends an Email to John's address assigned to Allen

  • OtherUser@Allways.com sends email to 23746237826384@doe.com
  • Mailet does this
  • ... Fails to identify 23746237826384@doe.com as valid TO address for FROM address OtherUser@Allways.com
  • ... Rejects e-mail

Does the mailet API is a good fit for this requirement? Or would such operation doesn't fit (thus require code to access James' classes more or less directly)?

Just in case: I'm aware, that this wouldn't enforce strong security. Yet, it might deflect certain email SPAM

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Not sure about Apache James. But, this would be fairly straight-forward to setup on a Linux server running qmail and a MySQL database, and a little scripting. –  mti2935 Jul 14 '13 at 23:03
@mti2935 Thx! While I'd prefer to use a JAVA solution, qmail would be fine for this experiment. I'll review it soon. –  SteAp Jul 15 '13 at 18:30
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