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I've been trying to make some simulation calculations in an iOS App, but my phone gets out of memory over time, it just doesn't stop adding memory usage and although I know where this happens (nailed it with Instruments) I still don't know what I need to change to stop the memory leakage.

Here's the method where the memory allocation happens, and I know that I'm adding new data here but I thought ARC will release all the allocated data that I can't reference any more?

int round = 0;

InstanceInSimulation *simulatingChosen = [[InstanceInSimulation alloc] initWithSimulationInstance:_chosenInstance];
InstanceInSimulation *simulatingOpponent = [[InstanceInSimulation alloc] initWithSimulationInstance:_opponentInstance];

while (round < _maxRounds) {

    // first choose action
    NSManagedObject *chosensAction = [simulatingChosen nextActionAgainstOpponent:simulatingOpponent];
    NSManagedObject *opponentsAction = [simulatingOpponent nextActionAgainstOpponent:simulatingChosen];

    // second calculate which action first
    InstanceInSimulation *attackingFirst;
    InstanceInSimulation *defendingFirst;
    NSManagedObject *attackingFirstsAction;
    NSManagedObject *defendingFirstsAction;

    if (simulatingChosen.instance.speed > simulatingOpponent.instance.speed) {
        attackingFirst = simulatingChosen;
        defendingFirst = simulatingOpponent;
        attackingFirstsAction = chosensAction;
        defendingFirstsAction = opponentsAction;
    } else {
        attackingFirst = simulatingOpponent;
        defendingFirst = simulatingChosen;
        attackingFirstsAction = opponentsAction;
        defendingFirstsAction = chosensAction;

    // memory savings
    chosensAction = nil;
    opponentsAction = nil;

    // third calculate
    [self calculateSomething]; // this is not the memory problem

    // memory savings
    attackingFirst = nil;
    attackingFirstsAction = nil;
    defendingFirst = nil;
    defendingFirstsAction = nil;


// memory savings
simulatingChosen = nil;
simulatingOpponent = nil;

Do I need to do some __weak stuff? I don't know how, could someone please help me with that?

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I am not sure this will help but it's worth a try. Try putting an autoreleasepool inside you loop.

while (round < _maxRounds) {

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Thanks a lot, this immediately dropped my memory usage by 80 %! I'll try to fix the lasting 20 % as well, think I will just need to add autorelease pools in other loops as well. Thanks! :) –  CGee Jul 15 '13 at 12:30
Uhm, one more question: can I now get rid of the lines that are setting objects to nil? Or are they still helping in any way? –  CGee Jul 15 '13 at 12:46
Yes, you can drop those lines. –  Ahmed Mohammed Jul 15 '13 at 12:51
OK, I will. By the way, I now added autoreleasepools in many of my loops, I hope they don't have a big disadvantage. The memory usage has dropped even by 92 % now! :) –  CGee Jul 15 '13 at 12:55
wow. I don't think there is much disadvantage to creating autorelease pools in your loops. I think it might affect the performance a little since the pool is being drained in every iteration. But I think you should use them if you have a lot of autoreleased objects in your loops. –  Ahmed Mohammed Jul 15 '13 at 13:02

What you are seeing are not memory leaks, the memory that is accumulating is still referenced by the autorelease pool. You are creating auto-released objects in your while loop but the autorelease pool is never drained.

Like Ahmed suggested, create a new autorelease pool in your loop:

while (round < _maxRounds) {
    @autoreleasepool {
         // your code here

Have a look at Using Autorelease Pool Blocks in the Advanced Memory Management Programming Guide.

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