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I choose the method to update my data every second with a javascript PageMethod and WebMethod.

With much returns via an object I can set hunderts of labels if it is naeccasery.

The time for 2 completedatabase-querys is unter 200 Milliseconds and the Post-Weight is wunderfull low!

But how I can databind my gridview in a webmethod?

Is there a way to bind it in JavaScript of how can I access it with a static method?

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You can absolutely use AJAX and web services to display tabular data (grids) in your ASP.NET applications. These StackOverflow questions offer a good introduction to several different options:

However, you cannot literally databind GridView or DataGrid controls in javascript functions. The grid controls are server-side objects, deeply integrated into the ASP.NET page lifecycle.

ASP.NET controls only exist inside Page instances - and no page instance is created during the execution of static WebMethods. For a great explanation of this, see Why do ASP.NET AJAX page methods have to be static?

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