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this is my code:

URL imageUrl = status.getUser().getProfileImageURL();
ImageIcon tivitImage = new ImageIcon(imageUrl);
listModel.addElement(tivitImage.getImage());  // maybe this part is wrong
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listModel.addElement(tivitImage.getImage()); // maybe this part is wrong

Yes, thats the problem. Just add the Icon to the ListModel (not the image). JList supports a default renderer for Icons.

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You could subclass JList or use your own ListCellRenderer, as it is shown in this article.

Another reading:, towards the end, a jlist with country flags is explained.

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You don't have to subclass JList though, you can just set the cell renderer via jList.setCellRenderer(cellRenderer); – user101884 Nov 19 '09 at 17:09

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