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Good morning, everyone.

I'm currently working on a new web application and it's being developed using Oracle APEX. It's basically a ten page wizard-style web form that gets filled out and submitted. In nearly all cases, only three or four of these pages will be used and the other exist to present special-case information to the user.

Anyway... I'm currently writing a test plan to ensure all the validation and processes are working as expected and I would like to try automating this testing if at all possible.

Does anyone know any good automated testing tools (preferable open source) that I can put to use for this purpose? Also, as it might be relevent, I'm limited to Java and/or APEX for tailoring these tools to meet my testing needs.

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I'd argue that the fact that the app is Oracle/Apex should be irrelevant, so you may get more feedback if you tag it "web application" or similar –  Gary Myers Nov 19 '09 at 21:52

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Selenium - http://seleniumhq.org/

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Cucumber with headless driver such as capybara-webkit. Here you can find how to do it for non rails apps like APEX http://github.com/pshapoval/cucumber-norails

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