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Good morning, everyone.

I'm currently working on a new web application and it's being developed using Oracle APEX. It's basically a ten page wizard-style web form that gets filled out and submitted. In nearly all cases, only three or four of these pages will be used and the other exist to present special-case information to the user.

Anyway... I'm currently writing a test plan to ensure all the validation and processes are working as expected and I would like to try automating this testing if at all possible.

Does anyone know any good automated testing tools (preferable open source) that I can put to use for this purpose? Also, as it might be relevent, I'm limited to Java and/or APEX for tailoring these tools to meet my testing needs.

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I'd argue that the fact that the app is Oracle/Apex should be irrelevant, so you may get more feedback if you tag it "web application" or similar – Gary Myers Nov 19 '09 at 21:52
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Selenium -

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Cucumber with headless driver such as capybara-webkit. Here you can find how to do it for non rails apps like APEX

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Selenium web driver and RSPEC if you want something straightward. I use it in a legacy classic ASP application and used it with Oracle Apex as well. Best to use ruby rather than the Firefox Selenium IDR.

Follow the below steps Tested with ruby 2.0.0p481

Installed the following gems

childprocess-0.5.3.gem diff-lcs-1.2.5.gem ffi-1.0.11.gem ffi-1.0.11-java.gem multi_json-1.10.1.gem rspec-3.0.0.gem rspec-core-3.0.4.gem rspec-expectations-3.0.4.gem rspec-mocks-3.0.4.gem rspec-support-3.0.4.gem rubyzip-1.1.6.gem selenium-webdriver-2.42.0.gem

To install run

gem install selenium-webdriver --local

You will be asked to install dependencies..follow instructions.

To run tests rspec RecordAdminTests.rb

You will need selenium server running java -jar selenium-server-standalone-2.42.2.jar

require 'rubygems' require "selenium-webdriver" require "rspec"

describe "Admin ABC" do

before(:each) do @vcntPg = 20 end

before(:all) do @driver = Selenium::WebDriver.for :firefox @wait = => 15) "whateverurl" end

after(:all) do @driver.quit end describe "Admin Project/User/Events" do it "Should Edit CDE" do

              @wait.until {
                  @driver.find_element(:css ,"a[href*='Home.asp?GroupId=2']")



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JMeter can also be used, particularly for load testing. Chris Muir has a good breakdown here

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