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Hardware:Nexus 7

OS Version: Android 4.1.2

Problem: I use OpenMAX IL to decode H.264 video stream(640x480). Between I give a raw H.264 frame and I receive a YUV frame, it is about 2~4 seconds. The YUV frame is correct.

Question: Is it really need so much time? Or I have made wrong configurations?

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do you use MediaCodec or any openmax il implementation ? –  nmxprime Feb 7 at 11:40
2seconds is WAYYY more time than what an h/w encoder takes. So to answer your original question - Yes. Looks like a mistake in your code/config. In its current state, there not much more anyone can add to your question. Please share your code/config/setup details... –  TheCodeArtist Mar 23 at 6:01
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