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Dropbox datastore api - javascript

Is there a way to set up different listeners for each table?

Something like this:

favoritesTable = datastore.getTable('favorites');
trackTable = datastore.getTable('track');

Or is there a way to specify which table has changed?

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Thanks for using the datastore-api tag!

The API does not let you do this. This is somewhat intentional, because we want to emphasize that sync() (whether explicit, as for Android/iOS, or implicit, as for JS) always updates the whole datastore. (You can think of it as a transaction, actually.)

If you're only interested in a specific table, it's easy enough to introduce a helper function in your app that calls update.affectedRecordsForTable('favorites') and only calls the "real" callback if the result is non-empty. Or you could have a function that you call for each record -- then you wouldn't even need the "if", just a loop over the results.

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