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I have a table view in my app. I want users to be able to add cells to the table view, so I followed this tutorial, which seemed that it would work. After trying it in my app to no avail, I made a blank project following the tutorial exactly. No luck. Does anyone know the problem or if there is a better tutorial? Thanks.

Edit: sorry, I had put a link in, but it seems to have been taken out. Without the link, the question seems to be too vague. The link is here:

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Try adding more code to the part where stuff happens. – Timothy Moose Jul 15 '13 at 16:19
Sorry. The link seems to have been taken out. See edit. – Shaan Singh Jul 15 '13 at 20:13
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First, you have to create an instance of a textview, add the text to it and then add it to the table. Something like this:

Class declaration:

public class Cell extends TextView{
   public Cell(Context context) {

Create an instance of this class and add it to the table:

TableLayout table;
table = (TableLayout) findViewById(;

// New instance of a table row
TableRow row = new TableRow(getActivity());

// New instances of our new class
Cell txt1 = new Cell(this);
Cell txt2 = new Cell(this);
Cell txt3 = new Cell(this);

// Add them to a row
row.addView(txt1,0); // Second argument is the column of the table

// Add the row to the table

The table is a view that contains other views.

Hope this helps!

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