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i have some problem, how to store value of php array variable to javascript array variable because i want to manipulate data in javascript here's my code

$coor= array('-7.175993,112.650729|-7.17616,112.651139|-7.176591,112.650968|-7.176413,112.650552|-7.176104,112.650437','-7.176331,112.649924|-7.17632,112.650053|-7.176629,112.650048|-7.176629,112.649914');


And i want store all value from $coor to var allcoor = new Array(), what i've been trying is use json_encode

var allcoor=new Array();
allcoor = "<?php foreach ($cobadeh as $t){echo json_encode($t);} ?>";
//for some example of manipulation array variable javascript
mySplitResult = allcoor[0].split("|");

What i want is manipulation javascript array variable, and that code didn't work, anyone help?

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You need to start out with a php array that mirrors the javascript array that you want. Then output the results of json_encode on that array.

For this I am assuming you want an array of arrays.

$coorStr = "-7.175993,112.650729|-7.17616,112.651139|-7.176591,112.650968|-7.176413,112.650552|-7.176104,112.650437','-7.176331,112.649924|-7.17632,112.650053|-7.176629,112.650048|-7.176629,112.649914";
$coor= explode("|",$coorStr);
$coor = array_map(function($a) { return explode(",", $a); }, $coor);
allcoor = <?php echo json_encode($cobadeh); ?>;

The first explode command splits the string into an array of elements containing each of the coordinate pairs.

The array_map call splits each of element in an array.

Finally the json_encode formats the data correctly for a javascript assignment.

Since the variable is a php array and you want it as a javascript array

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it doesnt work. i have two element in variable '$cobadeh', and after i successing store data from '$cobadeh' to 'allcoor', i want to manipulation first element in 'allcoor', and i try 'mySplitResult = allcoor[0].split("|");' but didnt work, any suggestions? –  Bryan Andi Gerrardo Jul 15 '13 at 3:30
@BryanAndiGerrardo Filled out the answer some more in hopes that it would produce the output you want. If you need something different show a bit of how you want the json string to look. –  Orangepill Jul 15 '13 at 3:41
sorry, my fault, i've been trying again, your suggestion was right, thank you masbroo –  Bryan Andi Gerrardo Jul 15 '13 at 3:50

first you create an array in the php side


$corar = explode("|", $coor);

and then in the javascript side you can do

var allcoor = <?php echo json_encode($corar); ?>;
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Just encode all the variable with:

allcoor = "<?php json_encode($cobadeh); ?>";

And then you can do the foreach at JS side and manipulate everyposition, it's easier that way.

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you should drop the framing quotes. That would make it a json string that you would have to call JSON.parse on –  Orangepill Jul 15 '13 at 3:01
ohh right, thanks for the info. –  Skatox Jul 15 '13 at 12:56

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