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I am trying to compile a vb6 application and I can't register the ocx files. In order to attempt to compile I have replaced the Object= lines in the .vbp file with Reference= lines to the TLB instead of the OCX. Now when I compile I get the following type of errors.

Line 125: Class KimgpLib.KImgp of control KImgp1 was not a loaded control class.
Line 145: Class KFormLib.KForm of control KForm1 was not a loaded control class.

I have registered the tlb files using regtlib.exe but cannot register the ocx files.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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why can't you register the OCX Files? If you can register TLB you should be able to do OCXs –  RS Conley Nov 19 '09 at 16:58

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You will need to read up on reg free COM which also works with OCXs You can read more here. The process involves creating manifest files for each library (DLL or OCX but not ActiveX EXE)

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