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I've been searching a lot for a way to get the posts made by the user's friends on his Facebook wall, but all what I reached is that I can only Post on friends' walls but I cant retrieve what they posted on the user's wall, so Is this correct or is there a way to retrieve these information?

Note that I reached an FQL Query as follows

SELECT post_id FROM stream WHERE actor_id=actorID and source_id = me()  

but unfortunately it returned an empty string

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I've been testing what you said and it is correct. It is returning an empty array. There is a small detail that we are missing and that is the LIMIT.
By default the limit of the posts that it will be returned is a small one and there is a big possibility that the required post is not found in that limit. The solution is the following:

SELECT post_id FROM stream WHERE actor_id=actorID and source_id = me() limit 100

If you still get an empty array try increasing the limit. This worked fine with me though.

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