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@Sjaak Trekhaak has a 'hack' here Scrapy: How do I stop all spiders and the engine immediately after a condition in a pipeline is met? that can potentially stop the spiders by setting a flag in pipeline, and then call CloseSpider in the parser method. However I have the following code in pipeline (where pdate and lastseen are well defined datetime):

class StopSpiderPipeline(object):
    def process_item(self, item, spider):                                       
        if pdate < lastseen:
            spider.close_down = True 

and in spider

def parse_item(self, response):                                             
    if self.close_down:                                                     
        raise CloseSpider(reason='Already scraped')     

I got error exceptions.AttributeError: 'SyncSpider' object has no attribute 'close_down', where did I get wrong? the question was actually asked by @anicake but was not responded. Thanks,

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Is your spider's close_down attribute create? Because it looks like it doesn't.

Try changing your check to if "close_down" in self.__dict__: or adding self.close_down = False in your spider's __init__() method.

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thanks, turns out i have not initialized the close_down attribute properly: i did in the parse_item method, it needs to be in the class. – Jindan Zhou Jul 16 '13 at 0:33

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