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I am developing an android app which I should send data via soap request and get the result. I can do it in a simple way but as it shows at the image, I need to set type of it. Because when i try to connect it gives me an error at this line:

HttpTransportSE androidHttpTransportTax= new HttpTransportSE(URL);
androidHttpTransportTax.call(SOAP_ACTION1, envelope); 

enter image description here

So i create soap request like this as everyone do.

SoapObject req= new SoapObject(NAMESPACE, "ApplyRequest");
SoapObject country= new SoapObject(NAMESPACE, "country");
    PropertyInfo info=new PropertyInfo();

So to sum up my question is, should i add something to define "EuropeType" so that i can get the response from service?

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I found the answer. It is very simple actually. I just added an attribute to "country".

country.addAttribute("xsi:type", "v16:EuropeType");

and got a response from soap.

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