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I have a server running Linux Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Generally I use a user named ubuntu.

Recently I tried to install Storm on this server and I created a dedicated user storm for this purpose.

Accidentally because of a typo, I realized something different when switching from ubuntu to storm.

If I switch using the following command sudo su storm, everything runs fine.

However if I switch using sudo su - storm, the storm program won't be started correctly. Although both commands have brought me under the storm user correctly.

Anyone can help me to explain why? Thanks.


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su - means you want the use act like a root, and use environment settings of root. So it is might because you use normal environment settings with sudo su storm; and sudo su - storm, thus using root settings. –  lulyon Jul 15 '13 at 6:03
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about Ubuntu system administration. –  David Cain Jan 28 at 3:20

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Here's a good link describing the difference between hyphen and no hyphen su. I'm guessing no-dash works for you because the environment variables are left alone.

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